About Us

Why the name Sailing West Music?
Bobby, the pianist, and Jessica, the Spanish teacher, were dating for several years. Jessica studied in Spain during the Summer of 2010. While she was away, Bobby had planned to propose and began composing a string quartet for her bridal march. Jessica was on her flight back to Texas when Bobby titled her bridal march, "Sailing West." 
"Sailing West" and "Harps and Vessels" were the two scores that Bobby composed for their wedding. Jessica did not hear the music until she walked the aisle and heard it played by the string quartet.  He hand wrote the music and had it framed as a gift to Jessica. They cherish the hand-written original music from their wedding. 
Bobby had been playing piano from the age of 5. He graduated from Lamar University with a degree in piano in 2011. He studied under Dr. Richard Dowling, a Steinway Artist, who specializes in chamber and jazz/ragtime piano works. Bobby is inspired by contemporary composers such as Philip Glass and Helen Jane Long. He not only carries with him the skills learned in his years of study, his love for the instrument, but also, a creativity without limits. 
Jessica recently encouraged Bobby to write original wedding music. The same day, they went for a drive and discussed making this dream a reality. They immediately met with the people they cherish the most to talk over the idea. From all directions, they heard through prayer, church, family and friends that this small idea would become an incredible journey. 
Bobby would also like to express his gratitude and recognition to Mike Judy, his music instructor from Lamar State College Port Arthur.  Mike's confidence and support has driven Bobby to become the pianist he is in both musicianship and adoration for music. After 10 years of knowing Mike, Bobby still keeps a very close relationship with him and can express without question that he has inspired him to embrace his creativity while offering all of his resources.